How to send migGift to your favorite artists and friends on migme!

December 2, 2016

Sending virtual gifts to your favorite stars and friends on migme is easy!

Just follow these steps:


1. You need to have your migme account verified.

  • Go to your registered email address and click on the verification link which will be sent to your email address.
  • Receive free migCoins (MGC) upon account activation so you can try the best features on migme!

2. migCoins (MGC) – You need enough MGC to purchase migGifts.


1. Go to your favorite artist’s (or your friend’s) account profile on migme:

  • Simply tap on the “Following” or “Fans” tabs and select the artist or friend that you’d like to send a migGift to. You can also use the search icon (magnifying glass) that can be seen on the top right portion of your miniblog feed and enter the artist/your friend’s username.


2. On the artist or your friend’s profile page, tap on the gift icon below his/her Display Photo or simply send a gift as a reply to your friend’s miniblog post.

*Tip: Always look for the gift icon.

3. Choose the migGift that you’d like to send. 

If you’re running low on MGC, you can recharge it by clicking here or go to the nearest LoadCentral retailer in the Philippines to buy MGC.

Send migGift
4. Add a message before sending your migGift to your fave artist or your friend on migme! Send it as a private gift or post it on your feed!

And you’re done! Put a smile on someone’s face today and make them feel loved!

Happy gifting!

by @migmephilippines