Selfless acts of kindness: migme partner shares blessings to children in need

December 28, 2016

Cosplayer and well-loved migme partner, Justine Relativo, (@pandawabbit) had an awesome 2016 with her 21,298 (and counting) friends and followers on the platform.

Justine rose to migme fame after being one of the two cosplay ambassadors who represented migme at the Cosfest SEA: The Rising Tide in early 2016.

Since then, Justine has been actively engaging her fans on mig, and because of her dedication and genuine concern for her followers, she’s been reaping the rewards of her efforts as a migme partner.


Giving back

Instead of splurging on material things, Justine didn’t hesitate to help those in need—her acts of kindness were nothing short of sweet.

“This season of giving, I have decided to take a big leap and donated 50% of my last month’s earnings to charity,” Justine happily revealed in one of her miniblog posts.

As seen in the photo above, Justine and a few of her close friends spent time with some of the sick children in a public hospital in the Philippines. Her story will move you to tears.

“My earnings were spent on buying toys and clothes for the patients at the National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City. If only you all saw how the children there were doing… I couldn’t help but my eyes get teary. Imagine two very sick kids, even babies, sharing one small hospital bed in a charity ward along with 12 more children like them and without airconditioning in the room. The parents of the children even share the bed with them because there are a lack of chairs. The beds are so close together that it’s hard to walk between the bed spaces and the tubes from the saline solutions might danger together. It’s very heartbreaking…

“I went with fellow migme cosplayers @riyubun , @sillykonpeito, Jayson, and Justine. The moment we stepped on the floor where we would be giving out donations, we could hear cries of babies and children saying they already want to go home… We were wearing our costumes, hoping that we could make them smile for a change and turn their frowns upside down.

“IT WORKED!!! I was so happy… or rather- I felt mixed emotions. I was happy because we were able to make them smile again but at the same time sad because I know my donations could only do as much. We prayed for them and talked to them, we gave words of encouragement and told them to keep fighting.

This was one of my best experiences this year, and this wouldn’t be possible without everyone at migme! Thank you for giving me a chance to become a partner, to my fans who are now more than 21 thousand in number thank you very much for the support, and of course to all my loved ones for believing in me. THANK YOU because without all of you, we wouldn’t have been able to make those children smile!

Please pray and wish for the well-being of the cancer patients all over the world. and if you have time and MGC to spare, a simple VG is a good way to help me donate more next time! Thank you so much for the love and I hope you all continue to support me and migme! #migmepost #migmeph,” wrote Justine.

Who knew that by sending migGifts to your favorite migme partners, you were able to touch the lives of others?

Thank you, @pandawabbit for showing the real meaning of the season!

by @migmephilippines