Introducing HighScore Bingo! – The latest game from mig

January 19, 2017

HighScore Bingo and Slots

Let’s Bingo around the world!

The lovable migme migBots are playing HighScore Bingo and Slots all over the world and they want you to come along!

Play bingo and slots with the migBots and your friends from migme as you travel all over the world and unlock exciting new destinations, coins and power-ups. Challenge your friends to see who can get a score high enough to travel to Amsterdam, London or Paris!!

Unlock new levels, free spins, coins and power-ups. Chat and meet new friends, or if you’re lucky, even play a game with the latest stars from migme!

How does the game work?

Travel around the world with the lovable migBot triplets playing bingo as you go!

Unlock new destinations when you win. The more games you win, the more cities you unlock!

Cash in coins for power-ups and see the world!

Chat with, and meet new friends from migme as you Bingo

Play with the latest migme stars (if you’re lucky)!

Bingo your way to migme fame and become a HighScore globe-trotter

BONUS FUN! When you play Bingo you can also play HighScore Slots, a mini-game inside HighScore Bingo! It’s a classic slots game that lets you play 3-Reel Vegas Style slots. What’s more, win free tokens when you check in everyday!

Download the game now for FREE on Android: