Omo! Celebrity lookalikes that will make your jaw drop

January 31, 2017

Remember Edcell Ched? Chloe Grace Moretz’ doppelganger became an instant Internet sensation when a photo of her taken by a netizen went viral in December.

The college student, who is still working at Jollibee, continues to delight her new followers with cute selfies and updates on all her social media accounts.

Now, Edcell’s fans can also follow her on migme, where she shares daily snaps via @moretzkie.


Image credit: (L) Chloe Grace Moretz IG; (R) Edcell Ched (@moretzkie)


But aside from Edcell, did you know that there are several other social media stars who bear uncanny resemblance to mainstream artists?

Prepare to get your mind blown!

Lewi Vidad (@lewibryll)

KPop fans may still be wiping tears of joy or sadness after news broke out that Korean superstar Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain has tied the knot with actress Kim Tae Hee.

Even though the Full House star is officially off the market, his Filipino lookalike might just be the answer to Clouds’ prayers!

Lewi recently won  KPOP8 Convention’s lookalike contest and he definitely deserves the honor!


Image credit: (L) Rain IG; (R) Lewi Vidad (@lewibryll)


Reia Ayunan (@reiayunan)

Yes, you are looking at two beautiful ladies! Several people have noted the resemblance between Reia, a cosplayer/gamer/community manager, and Viva Hot Babe Sheree.

What do you think?


Image credit: (L) Sheree IG; (R) Reia Ayunan (@reiayunan)

Fatima Rose Seva (@tubbytimmie)

Timmie, a model and endorser, and My Dear Heart‘s Bela Padilla, could pass as twins!


Image credit: (L) Bella Padilla IG; (R) Fatima Rose Seva (@tubbytimmie)

Koleen Mercado (@eenpanda)

Een, a model, cosplayer, and currently a Brand Ambassador at Mineski Infinity, has over 380K followers on migme!

We can’t help but notice her similarities with Alodia Gosiengfiao!


Image credit: (L) Alodia Gosiengfiao FB; (R) Een Mercado (@eenpanda)

Geoff Mabasa (@geoffmabasa)

Geoff also won PKCI’s KPOP Lookalike contest in 2012.

You be the judge!

jop (1)

(L) Jang Geun Seuk (screenshot: “He’s Beautiful”) and Geoff Mabasa (@geoffmabasa)

He is now an artist and entertainment manager and produces music on the side.

Chinn Opulencia (@chynnopulencia)

Chinn, a social media influencer, and actress Beauty Gonzalez, look like sisters!


(L) Beauty Gonzalez (beauty_gonzalez IG); (R) Chinn Opulencia (@chynnopulencia)


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