High Score Bingo: Join the #migmeBingoChallenge and win fansigns from your fave celeb!

February 1, 2017

Win exclusive prizes from your fave migme celebrities when you play High Score Bingo!

1. Download the game for FREE on Android: https://goo.gl/CTBb0s. Next, you can start playing High Score Bingo using your migme ID.
2. Take a screenshot of you calling a BINGO in any city (game room)!


3. Post the screenshot on your migme miniblog with the official hashtags #migmeBingoChallenge and #highscorebingo. Tag your favorite participating migme celebrity on your post from the list below:
- @gottalovenicole
- @kaillinechi
- @aikoalison
- @kyneeeelao
- @rubyanne17
- @chelleee
- @pandawabbit
- @tubbytimmie
- @bluemaiden
- @mhixtea
- @owwsic
- @eenpanda
- @ceszgarchi
- @kittycairi
- @coffeerainandstories
- @chynnopulencia
- @kimilaganofficial
- @polsenpai
- @haspilim1812
- @sloveene
- @arisanadree
- @honnedale
- @jeannelucero
- @jeymspogi18
- @blueberrymi
- @kayerie
- @mauxiii_
- @prettykeilamendoza
- @andwieya

4. Your fave celeb will raffle off 3 fansigns to 3 lucky fans at the end of the contest.

5. Play more bingo games and post your wins on your miniblog to improve your chances of winning!

Contest runs until February 15, 2017.

For more information, visit the official High Score Bingo website here: http://bingo.mig.me/

by @migmephilippines