Power User Awesome April [3rd - 16th April]

April 3, 2017

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Power Users the first quarter of 2017 is over! Let’s continue to rock out your stories as posting or re-sharing the great content that you discover on mig! Get your friends to join in as well, and enjoy all the fun games in mig!

This week’s Power User Missions Period is effective for dates 3rd – 16th April 2017 only!

Power User Missions

MissionPoints Special
Write a new post daily30 points100 MGC for 30 Power Users with Good quality Post
Send minimum 20 gifts in the mission period75 points -
Be on migme for at least 1 hour each day50 points
Reshare any of your friend’s good posts daily25 points100 MGC for 20 Power Users with Good quality Reshare
Send premiums gifts of total 100MGC or more to Partners (any partner with YELLOW STAR logo) at least once per mission period75 points100 MGC for 20 lucky Power Users who also received gift from Partner
Reshare miniblog post from a Partner (any partner with YELLOW STAR logo) to your feed at least once every day30 points100 MGC for 10 Power Users with Good quality Reshare


Show me the money! How points mean migCoins for you.

MGC up for grabsPoints required per mission period
50MGC150 points
300MGC300 points
500MGCTop 50 Power Users with quality engagements


Bonus Power User Missions
Want a sneaky way to get extra points? Check out our bonus missions!

Bonus MissionPoints per mission periodSpecial
Send the ‘Supercar’ Premium Gift350 points-
Play GoneGoose Game50 points1000 MGC for 10 lucky players
Play Highscore Bingo Game50 points1000 MGC for 10 lucky players
Play Boat Rumble Game (Indo Power Users Only)50 points1000 MGC for 10 lucky players


For more Power User Missions that will enable you to get Mission Points, check out @poweruser on miniblog daily!


Gone Goose logo
What’s Gone Goose?
Gone Goose is migme’s most popular and best game yet! It’s an android match 3 mobile game where you can help the farm friends get home after being stranded in the jungle. It’s pretty addictive so be careful! Download it from the migme Android app or directly from the Google Play store.

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Highscore Bingo
Play bingo and slots with the migBots and your friends from migme as you travel all over the world and unlock exciting new destinations, coins and power-ups. Unlock new levels, free spins, coins and power-ups. Chat and meet new friends, or if you’re lucky, even play a game with the latest stars from migme! Download the game now for FREE on Android Google PlayStore

Remember to check back to the @poweruser mini-blog every Monday for latest updates or changes to Power User program. Go on and play, chat, and share more on mig!


Terms and Conditions:

• Points will be calculated based on your activity per mission period (3rd – 16th April 2017), and will be awarded by the end of the following week.

• Any users suspected of having an unfair advantage or manipulating the system will be disqualified for that week.

• You will get your label once points have been awarded, and you will receive your bonus MGC on the following week if you participate in the ‘Bonus Power User Missions’.

• You will still have to hit the daily or mission period targets as set out above to get your points.

• Power User missions may be subject to change in the future.